Flagship Supporters

LearnServe International

   Yasmine participated in LearnServe International Fellows program as a junior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.  She pitched the concept of ScholarCHIPS as her final presentation and she was well received.  LearnServe supported ScholarCHIPS in it's earliest stages and also acted as the sponsoring non-profit agency until ScholarCHIPS received its own 503(c) status.  


            Scott Rechler is the Director and CEO of LearnServe International and also a Board Member of ScholarCHIPS.


           Sidney & Company, founded in 1995, is a multi-media company that services clients domestically and internationally. Sidney & Company became a Flagship Supporter of ScholarCHIPS in 2012 by volunteering multi-media services to the organization. These services have included providing photo and video coverage at ScholarCHIPS events, web site transfer, maintenance and update services; and graphic design services for marketing materials.

   Sidney & Company continues to support ScholarCHIPS in a variety of ways.  Sidney Irving, owner of Sidney & Company, became aware of and involved in ScholarCHIPS through her sister, board member Vida Anderson.

JM Kaplan Fund 

       On November 12th, 2015 – ScholarCHIPS, was named by the J.M. Kaplan Fund one of ten inaugural winners of the J.M.K. Innovation Prize. This is a new initiative to support and raise the visibility of U.S.-based teams or individuals addressing our country’s most pressing needs through social-sector innovation. 


         The Innovation Prize provides up to three years of support at $50,000 per year, as well as a $25,000 “bank” of funds available for technical assistance or targeted project expenses, making a total award of up to $175,000.  


    Specifically, the Prize seeks to support inter-disciplinary innovation in the fields of cultural heritage, human rights, the built environment, and the natural environment.  The Prize is particularly designed for early-stage ideas piloted or prototyped by dynamic visionaries.


DC Half and Half Marathon

          Board member Chris Magnuson and his brother, Pete, started the DC Half and Half Marathon as a fun way to engage runners who enjoy competitive eating during races.  The DC Half and Half Marathon has supported ScholarCHIPS by since 2012 and occurs the second Saturday in November every year.  Register today!  


      Watch an inspiring video from the 2012 race about our connection to ScholarCHIPS.