ScholarCHIPS Resource List


Greetings! We have received your emails asking for additional resources in paying for college or broader support for families with incarcerated individuals.  The following list will hopefully answer your questions or respond to your needs.  We recognize that there are many other additional resources available and further believe that the combination of the following organizations working together will help to reverse the cycle of intergenerational incarceration and alleviate the financial burdens on families with incarcerated individuals. If you know of any resources we missed, please let us know so we may add them.


Extensive Resources for Children of Incarcerated Parents by Rutgers University

Includes additional scholarships! 


Mentoring/Support for Children



Scholarships for College Students with Incarcerated Parents



Scholarships for GED Students


Continuing Education After Prison



Reentry Programs



Training and Support for Parents/Families



Advocacy/Legal Assistance

Reading Guide